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Welcome to Thailand and specially here on the westcost in Ranong province. If you don't like crowded tourist places this will be the right place for you to make a perfect holiday.

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Ranong - Thailand  

Despite being a small province, Ranong is abundant with natural attractions; the sea, islands, mountains, forests, waterfalls, mangroves forests. Yet, it is barely known among overseas tourists. This lush and rainy province bordering southern Myanmar (Burma), Ranong has among its attractions hot springs and stunning marine parkland. Indeed, this province offers a lot more than just another coastal province.


Koh PhayamKoh Phayam
Thirty three kilometers from the shore of Ranong is a small island of Koh Phayam. The island has beaches that are both peaceful and pristine. The wide sandy beach has the backdrop of forested hills, which is a habitat of monkeys, boars and a variety of sea birds. There is a small community of friendly Buddhist islanders on the island, mostly cashew nut farmers. They get around the island via a small tarmac road which is capable of accommodating motorcycles only. That means there is no car on this island.
Perhaps the island’s best beach is Ao Yai. It is located at the southwest of Koh Phayam Pier. The beach is about 2 kilometres long and filled with white clear sand. From this beach, you can see Koh Kam, Koh Surin and Koh Yan Chuek in Myanmar
Bungalows for rent can be found at the north of Ao Yai. At the back of the bungalows are coconut and cashew nut farms. The beach offers a real retreat for travelers who prefer quiet surroundings.
There is another beach called Ao Khao Kwai at the northwest of Koh Phayam Pier. The beach has white clear sand and crystal clear water. Koh Yan Chuek of Myanmar can be seen from this beach. You can find bungalows for rent on this beach as well.